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Hello from MD

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Chaim here. You may have seen me at TFL and THR and I am the Chaim that started Taurus Talk as well. I figured I'd drop by, but you may not see much of me outside school breaks and an occasional weekend post. I'm a second year teacher so there really isn't such a thing as free time (50-60 hours a week, plus classes I have to take, pretty much leaves time for just an occasional meal and 4 or 5 hours of sleep a night). Anyway, I haven't had enough time to put into my site lately, but I did want to say 'hello'. You'll probably see more of me in about a month (Thanksgiving Break) then again during Winter Break. Well, I should get back to my lesson planning since I have to be up for the day in about 6 hours :'( (though I'll probably stupidly browse a little first).
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Welcome to the forums. Have seen you over at THR and TFL. You might know me as Weregunner over at THR. Defender of Taurus,Ruger, and any other gun maker who is unjustly wronged by the THR and TFL throngs. :) :D

Actually it boils down to is, if the owner is satisfied with a product, then they should well be so, and to heck with other's opinions to the contrary. If a product does a job well then there is no reason to besmirch it. Many are the types who cannot see that for some reason. Disrespecting people and their choices, when those choices made were done in a common sense manner,frosts the ol' cookies.

Try to get a good word for both this place and Taurus Talk at other forums at times, since both have much in common. As Red Green of the "Red Green Show" of Canada is heard to say time and time again," I'm in there rooting for you.We're all in this thing together". ;D :D
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Welcome from Arizona...
TFL is a great site, but this site is fantastic if you own a Taurus anything..the other guns in here are great to..i am happy these guys in here are honest about Taurus stuff...Enjoy ;D
Welcome aboard!! I understand (very well ) the minimum sleep deal!! It's a rare, rare day I ever get 8 straight.

If a product does a job well then there is no reason to besmirch it. Many are the types who cannot see that for some reason.
Amen brother...this goes for calibers as well. When I post on the 357 Sig, I often get all but attacked by the " my 9mm can do anything your ______ ( fill in the blank: 40 S&W, 357 Sig, howitzer ) can do" crowd. You'd think they would too be exhausted from the constant 45 ACP vs. 9mm threads to butt in elsewhere but apparently ( to many, unfortunately ) caliber loyalty means a scorched earth attitude against another's choices. Folks are very respectful and polite here ( and a hat's off to the folks at Rugerforum.net also). I hope it never changes...
Welcome aboard, glad to have you with us.
Welcome aboard!! I understand (very well ) the minimum sleep deal!! It's a rare, rare day I ever get 8 straight.
Yeah, today is even worse than normal too. I was rear-ended this afternoon- it was raining, and some woman in the car behind me slammed into my car (I was stopping at a light, she didn't seem to even slow down). Now my back is in absolute pain and I can't sleep (despite a handful of Advil)- I can't wait until tomorrow and filling my painkiller and muscle relaxer prescriptions.

As for a proper gun board introduction:

I am a proud owner of a couple Taurus handguns:
Taurus 85CH (I love it)
Taurus PT140 Millennium Pro (same)

I've had (also good guns):
Taurus 82 (first handgun that I stupidly sold when I bought my first .357mag)
Taurus 605 (sold because I didn't like .357mag in a small snub)

But I'm also a fan of several other brands and styles (without a full list), especially S&W revolvers, 1911s, and SIGs (and of course- lever rifles, my favorite).
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Sorry about your back...can relate..i work construction and am 41..i fell off some scaffold a year ago..i have never been the same..be careful with those pain killers..they never really worked on me...wife told me to take 1 excedren and in a hour take 4 advil..took about a day ,and it worked better than any of the meds..still use it to this day..

I have always wanted to shoot lever action rifles, something about them-they are just plain cool ;D.. maybe one day i will have one in a 22...
sounds like you have and had a pretty well rounded group of guns...

Hope you fill better

PLEASE don't push yourself. Listen to the doctor. Let it heal.

I had an aluminum ladder collapse under me about 3 years ago. I ended up with a fractured vertebrae. I spent almost 2 and a half months in a fiberglass "turtle shell' cast and lost a LOT of weight (35 lbs). The doctor said it would be better not to cut on me and just let it heal as long as I didn't push myself. Everything worked out OK for me. I STILL hate ladders.........

Get well, my friend.

Welcome Chaim - from Minnesota!
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