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Hello from Fort Wayne, IN

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Hi All. I am an owner of a PT-145 mil Pro (that is at Taurus for repair due to dropping mags) and a 24/7 in 40 cal. I love my 24/7 so far and the PT145 is real nice for concealed carry. However, the Taurus service is pretty awful. They have had it for 2 months so far and all I get is that it is not finished. ::) I am starting to wish I just got a Beretta PX4 but I will hang in there. ( I have no other choice!)
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I signed on today too. Live just east of you about 30 miles. I like your CCW rules better than ours but were working on it. I had a hard time deciding between PT140 and PT PRO. 9 mil won cause of ammo $ Welcome
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