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Hello everyone,

I found this site by accident, but decided to register and become part of the community. I am a LONG time Taurus owner, my first handgun that I bought was a PT-99... back in 1990. I still have that gun, and I have not done a thing to it, but feed it a steady diet of 9mm rounds over the years. It is old, and worn, but still shoots very, very true.

I am a recent owner of a wonderful PT-1911. This is my FIRST 1911, and I must say... I am very happy with it. I am an Active Duty Army guy, and a recent graduate of the Arabic Language Program out at DLI in California. I just recieved my new duty assignment in Florida (MacDill) and decided that as a graduation present to myself, I would purchase a 1911.

Now, I am a self proclaimed lover of ALL things Glock, so learning to shoot a 1911 was something I was a bit skeptical about. I am a CCW licensee through the State of Florida, and have been for years. My daily carry gun is a Glock 36, and my "shooter" is a pretty worked over G21. I have not had any experience with the 1911 platform since I came in the Army back in 1987, and we already had the M-9 then. So, I did not get the chance to shoot a 1911 until I was out in California. I had my eyes set on a Kimber Warrior, or a Springfield Armory TRP Operator... but, after shooting both of those weapons, against my trusty Glock 21, I could not justify the expense. After all, I shot much faster, and more accurate with my G21... and I could buy 3 of those for one of the aforementioned 1911's.

So, I bought the Taurus. It had more "features" than any gun in it's price range... and I loved the way it felt in my hand.

Here it is, after about a month of ownership... give or take, and now, exactly 1800 rounds through it... I am one pleased owner. It shoots amazingly well, and does not hiccup at all. The only thing I have done to the weapon, is replace the black plastic grips, with some Pac American Legend Series grips, and purchase 6 new Chip McCormick "Shooting Star" magazines, a Blackhawk CQC Serpa Paddle Holster, a FOBUS paddle dual mag holder, and a steady diet of rounds for it.

It is more than accurate enough for me, even though I do not like the sights. Future plans are this... Install ES-Big Dot sights on it, and add a Wilson Magwell and then get a few 10 rounds mags, and shoot IDPA or IPSC Limited 10 and see how it fares against my G21.

So, there ya have it in a nutshell... I will also be adding to the 1911 threads. So far, I am all grins!


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