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Hello from Columbus Ohio

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Hi from Columbus Ohio. I haven't shot a gun since the Army over 40 years ago. My wife and I rehab houses. A few weeks ago we were finishing up a duplex when a guy ran down the alley behind us shooting an AK47 wildly. We decided we should get a couple of small pistols and CCW licenses.

Our son is a gun enthusiast who took us to a gun show. My wife got a Taurus 851 Titanium, which is easy to carry but kicks a bit with standard loads. I got a PT145 because it fit in my pocket, held 10 rounds and had good reviews on "the High Road". My son prefers single stack 1911's, but I couldn't fit one in my pocket.

I haven't shot the 145 yet. But I'm really looking forward to it. I think I'd like to try some USPSA shooting since there's a gun club and range in Circleville - a few miles from here. Maybe some steel plate shooting as well. Maybe I'll even reload a bit.
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Welcome to the forum. You came to the right place. We have an active PT145 fan club and a revolver club as well. The NRA has women's only classes once or twice a year. Certified instructors explain in an easy to understand manner. The women are then exposed to a variety of firearms and shoot what they want to. All relaxed and no pressure. There are basic courses for pistol or revolver also. Local clubs,ranges or gun stores should have a list of certified instructors and get one on one courses if need be. Bowling pin shooting, IDPA, and the the shooting organization you mentioned all sharpen a shooters skills while having fun and comraderie. And these clubs will bend over backwards to help geeting started as well as make one welcome and at ease. Feel free to ask anything or just comiserate with fellow members. Glad to have you with us.
Welcome to the forum. :)
Welcome aboard!. You'll find plenty of PT145 owners here and all the info you need. The Mil Pro series are all great carry weapons.Glad to have you along.
Welcome aboard. It sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders and your thinking this whole thing through. Good for you! The PT-145 is indeed a very nice weapon and I am seeing very few problems with them. When it does happen, Taurus has been good about fixing them. The snubbie may be a little hard to handle for the wife, since it is so light. She will need something that packs a whallop but is easy to get a second shot off. Make sure to let her try out your PT145. She may like it! Of course, there is also the PT111, which is the 9mm version, but many people like the "push" of the .45 more than the "snap" of the 9mm.

Welcome aboard and keep us posted once you get to shoot!

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