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Hello from CO

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Hey guys just found you. A poster from here recently found the forum.m1911.org site so I figured I stop by here an see what you're all about. My usual haunt is over at www.savageshooters.com. Not actually any manufacturer fan other than Savage. I seem to buy what ever it is I like at the time. Though the two weeks I owned a Beretta 92 I discovered those guys for some reason really don't take to well to Taurus. They seemed kind of snobish, Go figure.

Anyway, owned my PT1911 HD for a week now and from the first shoot this weekend I may have a new brand loyalty starting. If the positive results keep up that is. We'll see you guys around.
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Welcome to the forum czervika, glad you could join us.

I think maybe some of those Beretta guys are miffed that Taurus (imo) produces a better version of the 92 than Beretta does, for roughly $200 less. :D

Congrats on the PT 1911 also. I haven't had mine out yet for any sessions but hope to change that soon.

Best Wishes
Welcome to the forum. :)

As has been printed more than a few times,PT92s are the guns of choice for loaners at quite a few premier shooting schools. PT92s have also finished many self defense courses where 300 rounds or more(usually more) are sent down range.

Meanwhile a lot of expensive SA or DA/SA pistols have choked or broken. This having been documented with the likes of Mas Ayoob, Clint Smith, and Chuck Taylor.

Taurus also added a few minor modifications once the PT92 was for sale commercially and the Beretta contract filled.

The 1911 and 92 crowd is well represented here.

Reading the FAQs,recent threads, and older ones are recommended if that hasn't already been accomplished. :)
Hola and welcome from the sandpile. I too, am a member at M1911.org. There's plenty of room for all here. This is the best place for Taurus specific info. There's plenty of info about other brands, too. Jump in. Enjoy.
Hey thanks for the warm welcome fellas.
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