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Hello from Birmingham

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Recently purchased a Taurus 94 with 5 inch barrell. Looking forward to range time this Wednesday. Previously owned Millinneum in 9 mm. I have/had a number of center fire semi auto pistols, but this is my first revolver and first rimfire handgun. Looking forward to learning more about Taurus on this site.
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Welcome aboard Jay4au. The M94s are great little revolvers. :)
Welcome to the forum. Taurus 9mm. is our Welcome Wagon person and is right about model 94s.

One thing that may be helpful is to purchase some .22lrf snapcaps. Dryfire the 94 with these in about 200 -500 times. This should smooth out and lighten the trigger pull somewhat.

No live ammo is to be near the gun or in it. Check the chambers several times to make sure no live ammo is in the revolver and then check again. This may seem self evident, but there are those who may try. It is too easy to have a negligent discharge that could cause everyone major grief.

This doesn't have to be done all at once. It can be done over a period of time of days, weeks, or even a month. Great dry fire practice when it is rainy or poor weather outside.

HKS makes nifty little speedloaders that fit this model. Don't cost much either. Keeps rounds at ready whether at home, at the range, or in the field for easy loading.

Give us a range report when possible.

Oh, yes. Please read any of the FAQs in the FAQ board that may have useful information for you.
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Thanks for the welcome and advice. Just got back from the range and am extremely pleased with the results. Shot about 25 rounds tweaking the rear sights and shot the last 50 or so with significantly better results than what I can get from my Glock 17 with its Advantage Arms 22 conversion kit. I was primarily shooting the 94 single action from about 15 yards. I do plan to dry fire with snap caps to smooth out the double action. At this point, I couldn't be better pleased with the 94's fit and function. Just need more range time. Thanks again.
Happy to hear the 94 is working out for you. I like the fact that Taurus put a lug onto the revolver. Earlier variants may not have it. It is too easy to bend the ejector rod if dropped or bumped hard. Let's face it. Guns get dinged and rough use at times.
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