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I just found this forum, today. It looks quite interesting. I've been looking for a .22 mag revolver, and the 941 looks like a likely candidate. I've seen a 2" UL SS model at a LGS, for $339. I haven't, as yet, seen a 4" model, but the 2 looks pretty nice.
I've had three Taurus revolvers, a model 85, most recently, and a 6" Model 66 from the mid-80s. Both guns were excellent specimens. Fit and finish was very good. Accuracy was excellent on the Model 66, though the trigger wasn't quite as nice as the Model 19 S&W I owned at the same time.
The other Taurus revolver I owned was a 4" .22 from the mid-70s. This was, by far, the ugliest gun I ever owned. I don't remember the model#, but it was one of the first guns imported from Taurus. The grips looked like they were made of opine, with a poorly slapped on coat of walnut stain. The checkering on the grips looked like it was cut wiht a bastard file. The topstrap was serrated, obviously done wiht the same file. The rear sight was adjustable, but it moved in a circular motion as you adjusted it. All that said, it shot very well. The SA trigger had some creep, but wasn't too heavy. I don't remember the DA trigger.
I sold it, after a bit, because I couldn't stand to look at such an ugly gun.
Taurus has continued to make large strides in making good looking and functioning firearms..


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Welcome to the forum Mikeo. Have revolver models 65,66,85CH, and a 94. There is or are several threads on the 941 in the Revolver board. Steelheart has one as well as other members.See you already got your feet wet in the other boards. Nice start. We have members who have joined and have yet to post. Guess they are bashful as one person here put it. Everyone has something to say or add to the collective group. Enjoy your time here.
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