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Hello All

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I just bought a 24/7 Pro today so I thought I would join here and read up on it.
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Welcome, E_Cartman and congrats on your new 24/7 purchase (I could b a follow up rep ;D hehe).
What we want from you (not a moderator, just full of myself) is your opinion on this weapon and a range report. I am a pt145 owner and find it to b a very satisfactory gun. How bout yours? And let it b known, we got some hard hittin "other issues" here too. Fun as all get out so send some missiles down the tube and let us know how it goes. Welcome to the family, this one u can choose.
Welcome to the forum . SkidLid's right. We want details about the new purchase. :) There are many 24/7 owners here.
It might be wise to consider reading the FAQs in the FAQ board. Helps with breaking in the pistol and there is much info to glean from these.
If you post a thread in the Semiauto Board about having a new 24/7, you will undoubtedly get more feedback at that board than here.
Hi Again, I got at a Jacksonville gun shop for $369. I walked in with $600 cash and was considering Glocks, Sig 2022, XD, M&P and Beretta. I kept coming back to the 24/7. Not just because of the price but because it felt so good in my hand and had an external safety. I hope I made a good choice!
Welcome aboard Cartman! :) From what I've heard from all who own 24/7 line is nothing but praise, though with my own experience I can say that of every Taurus I've ever owned. Congrats on your purchase.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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