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Heinie sight adjustment

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Sorry if I'm not seeing something in plain sight. I just found out that the Heinie sights are adjustable on the PT145. Does anyone have a handy YouTube link or know of a post that explains the process? I would appreciate the help.

Update: Apparently I misunderstood. I "found out" the Heinie sights were adjustable. I thought they meant for elevation and windage but after researching a bit more I "found out" I should listen better and work on reading comprehension. ;) I'm looking at getting a set of Fire Sights in the near future ... problem solved.
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I ordered a set yesterday, I hate those Heinies.
I'm not sure what "Heinie" sights are but I put tritium Tru Glows on my Glock 19 and they work great. Now if I can find them for my PT 111 and PT 145, I'd be all set.
Bill, the Heinie sights are what came on my PT145. They are the 2-dot system that you stack to make a figure 8 and (at least on mine) put the front dot over the place you want to hit. I'm sure I could get used to them with practice, but I grew up with the traditional 3-dot sight picture. I was just at my gun shop and they have the tritium sights. I may check them out.
The best adjustment for the Heinie sights is to adjust them right out of the gun. The fire sights are the way to go.
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