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Has anyone used the hornady TAP ammo? in .40 or and other caliber

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i was wondering about this ammo? if anyone has tried any caliber please let me know your opinion
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That ammo is pretty high end stuff, hornady makes some good stuff, but you should test iit in your gun to make sure it cycles fine before you trust it.
It's supposed to be a real stopper - and pretty accurate too, according to the mags.
There are 2 lines of TAP ammunition:

1. TAP-FPD (for personal defense) It's in a black box with red lettering. Widely available for purchase.

2. TAP (tactical application police) It's in a red box with black letters marked for LE use only.

They both have the same specs. TAP ammo is excellent IMO in low light situations since Hornady uses very good flash suppressants in their powders for this particular load. TAP also uses the same XTP bullet which is a proven design. I rate the TAP along the same lines as Speer Gold Dots, Federal Tactical HST's, and WInchester Ranger T-series.


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Have it and used it in .45 ACP. Great stuff, never had a dud. But at $22.00 for a box of 20, I use it sparingly. Its STHF ammo for my 1911.
ive seen it for like 12.95 at places like cheaperthandirt.com
Fire a round or two of say Blazer Brass and they a round or two of the Hornady stuff. Huge difference in muzzle flash. The Hornady stuff is definately some of the best out there. My PT-145 loves it by the way in both 200 and 230 grain.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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