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Which do you prefer?

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This is kind of like those who prefer wood stocks on rifles, those who like polymer stocks, and those who can live with either.

Having both hammer and striker fired pistols I do not feel handicapped at all by not seeing a hammer or more safe with the hammered versions. I like the hammer versions because that was what I learned and became used to shooting when finally getting into pistols after being a revolver afficianado for so long.

Carrying a striker pistol is akin in some respects to carrying a revolver. Just with a lighter DA( yes I know it's actually DAO ) trigger pull. And this with a safety. Since the striker pistols I have all have safties to manipulate there seems to be no handicap. Never had a safety accidently wipe off safe by accident in a holster. Will admit to having holstered a gun without the saftety on. Many moons ago and won't ever make that mistake again.

Have to decock a conventional DA/SA or SA pistol after use anyway. Been at the range or at competitions (local IDPA, IPSC matches) where there have been quite a few DQs for putting a shot into the dirt while holstering or lowering the hammer. Some pistols, some CZ75/85s for example (yes there is a CZ BD decocker version), do not have decockers and have to lower the cocked hammer manually. This being fraught with peril, as even seasoned shooters have DQed or negligently discharged a pistol,is not a problem with striker fired pistols with safties.
I prefer either guns with decockers or safties. Just a safety conscience thing and somewhat subjective preference.

By the way... didn't cast a vote. Makes no difference to me. :)
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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