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Had to Send My 605 Back

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After working well for about 6 months, my 605 (.357 stainless) locks up about every 2 or three shots. I had to send my Judge back last week. Let's see: 2 Taurus revolvers owned; 2 Taurus revolvers don't work. I used to own 4 Taurus handguns. Sold the two pistols because they didn't shoot very well. Now I only own 2 and I like them but they are in the shop. When repaired, I plan to keep them, but I'm sorry to say that I'm probably not going to buy another Taurus until I am convinced that their quality control has improved.
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They will fix it Taurus has great CS and it's not just Taurus that has probs I had to send my glock 19 in for service after 50 rounds trigger mechanism broke couldn't even shoot a round Then I bought a S&W SD40VE had to send that one in rounds wouldn't cycle they had to put in a new barrel my Beretta NANO had to send that in and Beretta lost it sent it somewhere to Connecticut and wouldn't take responsibility for it got it back 3 months later and sold it.
Did you check the B/C gap and head space or check to see if there was a build up of crud at the forcing cone or possibly dirt under the extractor star? These are common areas that cause rotational issues with the cylinder. Just a thought.
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