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Step 1: verify the source state. Is it a 10+round handgun being sold from California, Mass.,NYS, etc? Note that even though selling the gun out of state to you ***MAY*** be completely legal, the firearm in question is probably registered on a state gun registry even if you own it in a non-restrictive state. That may bother you as a buyer, it may not. Just something to consider.

Step 2; check the feedback of the seller. Beware the dealer who had stellar feedback which recently turned to pot.

Step 3;Verify that the seller is either a private individual or an FFL. If an individual, check to make sure your local dealer where youll process the BG check at will recieve from an individual.

Step 4;Inspect the pictures with a critical eye. Does the item have its sights cranked all the way to the left or right?Does the slide and frame evenly match? Are there any missing levers or parts? On this point, beware the auction with extra barrels and a pile of magazines. It could be the seller just accessorizes their guns a lot......or it's a malfunctioning turkey that the seller has run out of ideas on how to fix.

Step 5; be proactive on ensuring your dealers send the relevant FFL info in a timely fashion. People aren't perfect, and waiting 5 days for your new toy because your receiving dealer forgot to fax their FFL on day 1 just bites.

Last Point:Make sure the dealer isn't down the street from your house, haha.
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