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JimL said:
Is there a huge difference between gun club types across the country? I was just reading an article about how some large clubs were going about increasing their membership with (free shooting classes for non-shooters in this case) membership drives, etc.

But around here they seem very elitist. Club rules only allow enrollment once a year. The size of the club is limited. Etc.

Are there that many shooters who are that self-absorbed?

Thanks a million

I don't know about elitist, or self-absorbed. I do know that I have limited choices and it costs me $15 an hour to go to a shooting range. My gun club has among others, an indoor range that is open 24/7 and costs $150 a year. Do the math ... one trip a week times 52 weeks.

I wish I had land or access to land, but I don't. My gun club is the next best thing in my area.
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