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Gun Belts

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As you all have seen from previous posts, I am in the market for a holster. Well, I also need a belt for it. So I am wondering what is your favorite gun belt. Also, does anyone have experience with 'The Beltman'? I am thinking of ordering from him (www.thebeltman.net) .
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I use one that I had made when I ordered a custom holster from HBE Leather a few years back. The holster and I didn't agree but the belt is great. I wanted it sturdy enough for a steel 1911. Its double thick leather. roughly 1/4" thick (I'm not kidding I just checked it with a tape measure).

What I'd recommend is to see what the place that you decide to order your holster from has. A quality belt it required for comfort. I started out with a cheapie Wal-mart leather belt, it was ok for a few hours. After that I used an Uncle Mikes belt (I don't know the model but it has a plastic insert) that I found on clearance. It was better than the old one. I do still keep it around as a spare or for when I'm just messing around the house in shorts and I toss my M85 into a pocket. But until you try a real gunbelt you don't realize what you're missing.

That site looks interesting. The prices are about what the good gunbelts run. From what I read in my quick look around I'd order from them. As I like the CTAC holster I'd order one with the velcro option but if you aren't planning on that holster (or something similar) there isn't a point to adding it.

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I picked up a nice one from Don Hume. It was reasonable and of good quality. It makes all the difference in the world, even with pocket carry.
A good gun belt and holster maker here at this URL. I have worn one of their shark belts and carried everyday for the last 4 years and it still is just as good as new. It has broken in and has taken on my body shape and become more pliable with constant use.

I ordered a Carhart belt from Cabela's, a heavy duty one. It's carried well since March of 04
HS Driver...You picked the best one in your initial post. Stick with the beltman...none better.
I have an Acker dress belt. It is reinforced so it is not so thick. I am quit pleased with it and they are very reasonably priced. I believe I ordered it from Copquest

Thank you all for your responses. I ordered a couple of belts from the Beltman. We'll see how they turn out. Hopefully as nice as the pictures on his site.
I use a Wilderness ring belt, 5 stitch. I'll be getting the instructor belt in a 1.75 width on payday.
Beltman is the way to go.....

Got 2 of em. Beautiful and work great
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