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And 575 rounds of .22LR to boot on a trade for my PT809! Same PT809 I got when Academy had them on sale for $269 or $299 but I think it was the first figure. Saw a guy from DeLeon posting this last night on my FB Texas Gun Trader site and decided to offer my gun on the trade. he jumped on it because he was going for his CHP and didn't have a hand gun and all he had was this .22 carbine. While we were talking on the phone he told me that he was also tossing in two boxes of .22LR. We had pretty much closed our deal and agreed to meet in Granbury and I started feeling a twinge of guilt ( I dunno why, but I did ) so I brought him a box of 50 rounds of 9mm when I met him today. It also came with 2-32 round mags and 1-24 round mag too.

I really need to clean my poor table off too.

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I like it, seen then in CDNN flyers and always drool over it. I look forward to your range report.

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You got a very nice .22 rifle at a very good price! I have had mine since they first became available (about 2 years or so I guess) and have never had any problems with it at all. I was able to purchase 4 new magazines for it from CDNN over time at $24.99/each.

The gun is accurate... with a BSA Sweet 22 scope using the 40 grain BDC turrets and CCI Blazer ammunition it will shoot under 2 inches at 100 yards. That is with my daughter behind the scope not me. There is no substitute for 21 year old eyes!

Anyway, here is a report on the rifle I wrote on another forum right after I got it (Feb 2011)....


I have wanted an AK 47 clone in .22 LR for a while. After looking at what was available and having experience with other GSG clones, I decided on the GSG AK-47 22.

I purchased my rifle from Florida Ammo Traders in Tampa. Vic had no problem getting the rifle in but extra magazines are difficult to get. Everywhere we looked they were back

I chose the model with black synthetic furniture. The gun comes with a metal trigger lock, a wrench for the thread protector on the threaded barrel, a chamber brush, an
orange chamber safety flag, and a screwdriver tool kit with all the bits
necessary to maintainand break down the gun. There is a functual cleaning rod
mounted under the barrel.

The gun weighs 6 lbs 14 ounces with an empty magazine. It has an 18 inch barrel with an
OAL of 36 and 1/4 inch.

The gun comes with a side rail for a scope mount. I have not tried it yet but I'm sure
it will be like all other AK's. the side mount will be rock solid but puts the
scope a little bit high for most shooters. In a .22 I don't see that as a

The gun comes with an authentic AK style safety. The difference is the safety also holds
the bolt open if desired. The bolt automatically locks open on an empty
magazine. There is also a magazine safety on the rifle.

I measured the trigger pull at 8 lbs 5 ounces (5 pull average on my electronic scale). The
pull is a bit heavy but it breaks crisp and I think it will get better as it
breaks in.

The magazine that came with mine holds 24 rounds. I put a drop of Slip 2000 in the grooves where the follower rides and the mag operates smoothly with no

Accuracy was better than I expected out of a new gun on its first outing. Without touching the sights I was able to take the 10 ring out of my target at 25 yards. The rear
sight is a slider just like a real AK with an adjustable front post. A sight adjustment tool comes in the tool kit included with the

I had no failures of any kind with the rifle shooting both slow and rapid fire. It simply ran like a sewing machine.

At about $350 it is an expensive plinker. I really enjoyed shooting mine and I expect to
put a lot of ammunition through the gun in a short while.

If you want a gun that shoots inexpensive ammo yet still has a huge cool rating this may be just what your looking for. For a kid that loves military stuff this gun is what
dreams are made of.

So far, I can recommend this rifle. The only drawback I can see is availability of spare magazines. I think this will solve itself. I recently bought 3 new magazines for my GSG P522 and they were made by ProMag. I'm sure the GSG AK 47 mags will be the same

Here is a picture of my new GSG AK-47 22....



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