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First post here. I have a 905 that I'm gonna trade towards an 85UL for summer carry. I got the 905 thinking it would be much smaller/lighter than my P7, but it's not much lighter, and only a little smaller. I'm thinking the 85UL would be a better hot weather gun (shorts/tees). Thing I don't like about these guns is the sticky rubber grips. Shirts will ride up on them. Good for shooting, bad for carrying (concealed).
Anyhow, I'm looking for compact wood grips. Maybe like the old S&W stock grips, with a T-grip, like this:

If not, I'll probably wind up with these:

Any other options? Thanks for help.

BTW, my first pistol was a 3" taurus .357 (like a K frame Smith), almost 20 years ago. Good gun. Wish I had it back.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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