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Which State will be the last one to have no CCW

  • Illinois

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  • Wisconsin

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Greetings from the Communist State Of Illinois

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And their holding out to be one of the two last states with no provisions for any type of CCW license. ::)

Had a Taurus model 66 for almost twenty years, didn't even know there was a forum for us owners. ;D
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Greetings from a fellow resident of Communist occupied territory! (Illinois)

Was also a poster at the old forum, now here.

Thanx to the originators of this forum for providing this one!
Welcome! Glad you found us!
Your very welcome! Thank ya'll for joing and welcome aboard! :)
Welcome to the forum. As a member here stuck in the People's Republic of Wisconsin a Midwest greeting to you Comrade. DA. Doyle Slick, the governor and his cronies, have been able to stop us from aquiring the right to defens ourselves here. And the fershling voters put him back in office.There is a movement back on to try and get our rights restored. Have to break out the vodka and salute each other. Be careful. Big brother may be watching. The kinder and gentler KGB is at work. Or it's new kid is. :) :D ;D ::)
Born in Illinois, moved to Wisconsin when I was three, joined the navy, got a job near Washington, D.C. for thirteen years, and then moved back to Illinois. I had to live in the two states and one Distict with no CCW allowed? :mad:

What unlucky star was I born under?

The Packers are still my team though. Had to think about what you meant when you said "KGB"! :D
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