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Hello all--

I am not totally new here-- been "trolling" for a while, and definatly not new to firearms--

That being said, I wanted to say hello--I go monday to get a "double" Taurus style--

I pick up my ordered Model 58HCSS right AFTER I swing by Gander Mtn to pick up my dear Wifey's PINK Model 111 MilPro--

Good timing too--

I get my Tax return monday, and the MilPro is going to be given (she doesn't know it yet) to her at Valentines day-- well that and the obligatory Tiffany's silver necklace (tradition-- and she likes the blue box as much as the silver {which is the CHEAPEST thing to get at Tiffany's}). I have it planned--- Our room and night is planned already-- babysitter is lined up....
First, she has no idea about all of this..

We drop the boy by the sitters (her twin sis) and I take her shopping at the normal places--

I then take her to the hotel (very nice-- well to me-- like $200 a night) and spring the "night" on her--

Before we go out for dinner, dancing and drinks, I give her her MilPro--decked out in Pink---
She will get sort of bummed--

But I tell her to open the ammo (where the "real gift hides"--ie Tiffany silver)-- she opens it--

We drink, eat, and dance the night away--

The next day---

well easy, She gets a $250 Silver neclace w/charm.....

I get a PINK MilPro for only $399+tax (cost), $200 hotel room, $200-$200 for dinner and drinks, $15 for a box of decoy (real) ammo, and $100 for a sitter--

Boy can I really get a good deal...

PS, I love my Wife...


SO who has the Huevos to stand still while I point a PINK pistol at them!!!

I can't wait until next week!!!

PPS-- The 58HCSS will be my new carry --


But pink is the new black I am told...


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Welcome from Tulsa Oklahoma. Sounds like you will have a swell time
out with the missus! She's really gonna get blown away! :D

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Welcome from Missouri !!
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