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Hi folks

just wanted to come in thru the front door and say hello

here's a summary of my Taurus experience

Ti Tracker .357
great to carry - painful to shoot magnum rounds - so I shot mostly .38 specials - until I got the new Hogue grips - two thumbs way up on this one - probably won't be shooting too many .38s any more

Model 94 .22
I got this specifically so I could shoot Colibri around the house and the camp site - 9 rounds - no brass flyin - I love it
of course, the rear sight fell off - and I suppose I should order one someday

24/7 Pro .45
I love the look, the design, the fit, the weight, the accuracy -
but until the mags springs softened up it was a feeding nightmare -
load the mags and let them sit for a day or two before you head to the range - just my .02


Scott Murrish

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Welcome from Missouri !!
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