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Rarely, do I write to thank a forum, but I want to share my experiences with Taurus Armed.net

I have been a member of other boards for many years... The most recent, was packing.org. This site, offered excellent sharing of information, as well as state by state concealed carry information. It’s spirit changed over time, and eventually closed. So here I am at Taurus Armed.

I research, (some say too much) before I buy. I am looking for a small .45 to replace my sig 239 in .9mm.
I must say, of all the guns I have looked at, the PT 145 has come out on top. This forum has offered me excellent advice and information, in a frankly, unbiased way. I will be ordering the 145 from my local shop over the next week.

So thank you to all who write and reply on this forum. You have a new, happy member of the forum….

Thanks and Be safe.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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