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Got to shoot my new PD today

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Shot my PD at the range today, along with my Ruger SR9c and Walther P22. LOVE IT!! I was amazed at how well the ribber grips and the Sorbothane backstrap managed the recoil. I've never shot a 45, and was expecting much more recoil and muzzle jump. Shot a box of Winchester SuperX 255 grain target rounds, and a box of Federal 000 410 shells. Also shot half a box of the Winchester PDX1 410/45 Defender. MAN, that stuff is so stinking expensive. But anyway, I shot everything at 7 yards or less and was very happy with the accuracy. I have no doubt that if, God forbid, I ever need to use this gun for the defense of myself or my family, it will absolutely stop any attack or threat. Plus, it's just more fun than a barrel of monkeys to shoot. My friend who was shooting with me was impressed as well, especially with its .410 capability. I have the feeling he will own one as soon as he finds one in stock somewhere.
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I can relate to your "more fun than a barrel of monkeys" remark. :D

The Taurus Judge, IMHO, is one of the best things to come along since sliced bread!

I own several handguns, but the Judge Ultralight is one of my very favorites. :rating10: Firearm Gun Trigger Revolver Gun accessory
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