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Got some different grips for my model 441 in .44 spl.

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Got these grips from an ebay seller today, came in the mail and promptly screwed them on...only to find they are a lot bigger grips. :???:

They are comparable to S&W target size grips in girth and height, fat in the palm swell as well. So, if you've got big paws they should work just fine...trouble is my old hands are thick and kind of short in the fingers.

I'm going to leave them on for awhile, try to get use to them. What do you guys think...

TB C45

This is same gun with the original grips on it...they are about the size of S&W magna style.

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I think they look great. I been thinking about going to wood grips for my 85 UL. What did those cost you on e-bay if you don`t mine me asking?
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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