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Got my PT840C today

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Well i picked up my new toy this morning and went to the range this afternoon it was 12 deg outside so i didnt shoot much but enough to see that the sights are pretty good at 15yds. 25yds its pretty good if i bench rest probably my arms being to tired to do freehand. But it was a great day!!!!!!:)


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Congratulations on your new firearm.
Congrats, just keep on shooting and before long you will be good at the longer shots.
Nice shooting. Love my 840. Congrats!
CONGRATS Buddy!!! I have the same exact gun, I have only shot about 4 mags through her. I LOVE this gun. I chose the 840c over the M&P .40 and a Ruger. This gun just feels good in your hands doesn't it?! It is also one of the quickest I have fired, the trigger is just amazing..... love it!!! Hey buddy just keep on shootin' n havin fun, hey that's what it's all about!
Good looking 840 congratulations on the purchase.
Congrats on a great choice! I have the 809 and love it - I really am impressed with the 800 series (I'm just a hammer guy myself).
Pretty good shooting for first time out, not to mention the temperature. I'm so thin blooded that I don't think I could hit the broad side of a barn in 12 degrees!
I got my 840c this weekend as well. I would write a report, but it would be pointless. It eats everything, factory, reloads, lead, and hp all the same. I have to bury the front sight, but it hits the target. kind or uneventful ;)

im having trouble with the sights on my new pt840 hits low to the right
im having trouble with the sights on my new pt840 hits low to the right[/QUOTE
Play around with your grip as well as change the backstraps too.
if you have the 840c you can't charge out the back strap so that won't help but the pt840 yeah I would change the back strap and maybe try different sights I just ordered some of the williams fire sights for my pt840c and I from past experience using them on my pt111 they were awesome sightsthey have a click to adjust model and they are only about 50.00
Congrats on the new pistol.

I'm intrigued by the 800 series and would like to get a 845....someday!
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I just got thru checking out my pt840c and it shoots great I love it not one misfire, misfeed or failure to fire recoil was nice very accurate hell my 13 year old daughter shot it and she had never even held a gun and hit the center of the target 2 out of 5 shots she made with it so it is a great gun in my opinion.
Congratulations on your 840, friend has one, shoots very nice...
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