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Received my order today from MidSouth Shooters Supply. I ordered on the 14th, fixed a CC snafu of my making on the 15th, shipped on the 16th, and arrived on my door step today, the 18th.

Needless to say, I will not hesitate to buy other items, including ammo, from them in the future.

They had a pretty decent price on Buffalo Bore Std Pressure SB Low Flash Heavy 38SPL (non +P) 158gr soft cast LSWHP-GC 850 FPS (FBI style load). And the shipping was 2/3rds the cost from BB itself.

I'll not lie, it's still pricey stuff, but it's want I wanted for carry ammo in my 856.:)

I noticed one other thing after observing them. Every brass case, all shiney and new that they are, has Winchester 38SPL on the bottom of the cartridge.

Anyone know why that would be? As far as I know, BB doesn't use 2nd hand brass. This would indicate BB buys virgin brass from other manufacturers. And the other manufacturer puts their name on the brass. Does this right to those experienced in BB ammo?
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