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From a lady shooter here, .22's are the best thing in the world for any new or inexperienced shooter!! And can be great help for a shooter who has developed bad habits or never has been comfortable with shooting larger and louder guns. My first gun in my early teenage years was a .22 rifle. I learned good trigger control and not to be afraid of the sound and recoil. Basically, I learned good shooting techniques from a sweet, accurate .22 rifle. I now own quite a few firearms which are of much larger calibur that I love to shoot and I shoot my Taurus .40 S&W PT24/7 Pro, my Taurrus .357 Magnum, my 98K Mauser, my 12ga. shotgun and my M4 on a regular basis. But still enjoy pulling out a nice .22 rifle or handgun to do some fun "plinking" on a Saturday afternoon. And every round I shoot helps me hone my shooting skills! IMO, everyone who shoots should have a good .22 for fun!
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