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Good Price? Rem 115gr HP Standard Pressure

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The local Walmart is selling standard pressure 115gr Remington HP (not GS) in bulk packs of 100 for a little under $20.

Is this a good value for this ammunition? I'm trying to get stored up.


Josh <><
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Thanks gents,

I bought a box. Unlike bulk 100rd Winchester, there are two plastic trays holding it instead of letting it bang around loose.

Everything looks ok on the outside, just like the 115gr +P Remington stuff I used for a couple weeks while awaiting an order (I won't order ammo anymore; this is my own personal boycott of the shipping prices). I got the Cor®Bon and sent the other stuff downrange.

I reckon I'll pop a couple, few milkjugs covered with denim and see if this stuff performs.

No chrono; I'd like to see the ES and SD though.


Josh <><
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Thanks. I do a moderate amount of ammunition testing and plan to do a few of these through denim covered water jugs - divide that result by 2 and you'll come up with the rough penetration in gellatin.

If you know of my board (which by agreement with the webmaster of this one, I will not advertise), you know that I have a section dedicated to terminal ballistics. Such is my interest in the subject, and when I get around to popping some jugs with it, I'll try to post it here as well.

Thanks again,

Josh <><
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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