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good paddle holster for the 3rd gen millenium pro's.

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hi all, i made the mistake i am sure others have made i bought the holster for a standard millenium rather than the pro. rather than get the right one i commenced to destroy a perfectly good bianchi paddle holster by trying to stretch it. a realatively inexpensive lesson, but one that i should not of had to ever endure had i paid attention.

i prefer something in leather, but may get the fobus to fill the gap, unless someone can give me a first hand experience of a decent one they have used.

my wife got her permit today and is all excited about practicing, i gave her an ru-97, (it snaps in securely at least) but it is way to bulky and a uncle mike's iwb. i think i finally got her convinced that a real good leather belt is mandatory, she admitted remembering when i switched from the stretchy belts to leather some time ago, now she understands why.

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I personally use the Fobus made for the PT145. I like it a lot. Easy to carry, lightweight, easy to draw from, and serves its purpose well. It is also SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than a quality leather holster.

i was pretty unhappy with my ru-97 for the 24/7, could not get it snug enough, it is not a huge investment, so maybe i'll give it a try.
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