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Good or bad?

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Did I do okay? Act of desperation, well, saw them at dicks and could not believe my eyes. $65 seems good in this market. For my 22 pistol. Good, okay or bad?

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If it is a semi auto pistol they say anything over 1300fps should cycle the action well.Some guns are still ammo finicky though.Try it and see.
You did real good Grasshopper. You could sell that bucket to a local gun shop for $100 easily, and take it to a gun show and sell it for $150.

My preference in Bulk .22 is Federal Champion, CCI, Remington and Winchester comes in last. We have a local crazy high priced shop that is getting $9.95 for a box of any brand in 50 count, and they didn't have much.
That was a good deal. Now go and have fun pouring out your bucket.
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I'd be happier than a possum in a corn crib with the dog tied up, if I found a deal like that! You done good. :thumb:
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I went to 4 gun shops, Dicks and 3 Wallys today. This was all I could find. I never have found a bucket so I jumped at it. I have never seen one locally, not at least since I have been looking.

The CCI I have been buying is only 1070 FPS and that is their standard so saying over 1300 fps concerns me as I have none that are.
I have had a few light loads that failed to Cycle the action with the Remington Golden Bullets, but never a squib and only a few fail to fires out of thousands of rounds, but they feed well.

I have always had feeding problems with Winchester, so they are reserved for my revolver, but I would buy them just the same if I came across them.

I had a local gun shop offer me $35 a box for 550 count Remington Golden Bullets about 3 weeks ago, and figure they would pay $40 a box if I offered them. Were I to set outside a gun shop, I'm sure I could get $50 or better a box. People who really want them will easily pay $0.10 per round...simply amazing.
Brings my total to 1500 rds today. I'm happy! Wish they had 3 buckets!
1280FPS. They work fine in my rifle.
Good price, 4.6 cents/round.
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I'd say that price is fair, considering your average 500 round brick went for $20-$25, pre-panic. The golden bullet is not my favorite, but it worked well in my Ruger sr22. I just always try to shoot ball ammo in my 22, so I prefer Blazer. I figure if I had to use it in a defense situation I'd rather have slightly more penetration than the little knockdown power your gonna get from a .22 hp.........my .02 cents
I appreciate it. I'm using it as range ammo.
good deal, gotta go shopping with you. :thumb:
Pure luck I tell you. Even a blind squirrel sometimes gets a nut.
My experience with Remington Golden Bullets has been that they're some of the more accurate bulk 22 lr you can buy. For my money it's good stuff. It runs great in my Ruger Mark II, but the Mark II is made for standard and high velocity rounds. A lot of the new 22's have full length slides, and even though they're usually made out of aluminum it's still a lot of mass for a little 22 lr to move. Just depends on the kind of semi auto you have as to whether or not it will cycle reliably, and the manual will usually tell you if you need high or hyper velocity ammo to do the deed.
I have a MK III 22/45.
I have a MK III 22/45.
That's a great choice for a 22 pistol. Golden Bullets should cycle it fine.
Cool and thanks!
Good job lucky duck.
Thats about what i pay for them (when i can find them now), actually about 21.00 for a box of 525 or 550, depends on how they are boxed, usually 525 count.
The remington Golden bullet is all that i shoot in all my 22 LR, browning buckmark, Ruger MK III 22/45, Ruger MK III, 2 Beretta Neos, Sig Sauer 1911-22, a Ruger 10/22 rifle and a Savage Mk 22 rifle.
they have always worked well in my guns, a very, very small number of misfires, plated so no messy lead to clean out,and pretty accurate for bulk ammo.
Usually Dicks is a bit higher than Academey or Wally World, but prices here run 21-25 bucks a box for the bulk, hadn't seen a bucket yet, but I would grab it up now as well.
I just haven't had a lot of sucess from bulk winchester, federal and CCI do fine as does the remington for me.
In the current "panic/hoarding" atmosphere I'd call good, but not great...ENJOY!!!:icon_ lala:
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