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Good Morning All!

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Wanted to say hi. I was unaware of this site until this morning. I have carried a Millenium pt140 pro for about a year and I love it. I have never had any failure of any sort with it. I have about 10 other handguns and continue to carry my pt140. I just wanted to introduce myself. I was very happy to find this forum.
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Good morning and welcome. This is a great site to hang out in. :wave:
Weclome to the forum. We are more than happy to have you as a member.The PT140 and Millenium Pro crowd are well represented here. So there is a lot of things to do.

It is recommended that the FAQs section and any threads, new and old, be gone over if that has not been done already.

TFL,THR,1911,AR15, Glock Talk,Ruger, and other gun forums have members here that are there also.There is even a Taurus Talk at MSN. This is a very diversified crowd with eclectic tastes. :)
Welcome to Taurus Armed Dr. Dave, glad to have you with us. :)
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