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Participated in my first USPSC (?) shoot today. That's the most fun I've had in a long time, but the best part was putting my PT 145 Pro up against the 1911's, Glocks, and Sigs. Even with my Heinie Straight 8's it was A's & B's with a couple of C's, but that was my fault...oh yea, and one hostage :'( the great part was when the other shooters came over to the newbie and began to casually check out my pistol, then one of the other guys asked if I would go over to the safe table so he could hold it and take a closer look, from the look on their faces I think they were impressed, not with me but with my Taurus.

Also received in the mail a magazine for my PT 145 from Cheap Gun Magazines, paid $20 for it. After I bought it I thought I'd probably bought a lemon, but when I got it, disassembled it and cleaned it (grease inside) it didn't look too bad. The spring is a little weaker than the original Taurus springs in my other mags, and the grip extender isn't as large, but I used it today in all stages and it worked flawlessly, guess it's not a lemon after all. :D

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