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First post, hello all. I am gonna buy one and looking on Gunbroker I see some with an access. rail and some without. I want to make sure I get a 3rd gen model. The Taurus site shows only a non rail model. A little help.

Thanks, Rob

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so you know that you are getting a 3rd generation PT145PRO look for these distinguishing visual signs:

1) has the Heinie 2 dot (straight-8) style sights

2) on the left side of the gun it only says the word "Millennium"

3) on the right side of the gun it has "PT145 PRO"

4) the serial number has a "Z" as the second character starting from the left. (ex. NZH12345)

5) it will have a picatinny rail built into the frame

hope this all helps....

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I pocket carry my PT145 a lot with a Nemesis, though I wish my pockets were a tad deeper. or find some way to make the top of the pocket fold in.

I was in line in a convenience store a while ago when the lady at my 4 pointed to the gentleman in front of me and said, "I could steal that money right out of his pocket."

I said, "Well don't look in my pocket then!"

My 3rd gen starts "NAV......."

Just looked at their website, is it just me or are they no longer producing any PTs with rails?

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I carry a 3rd gen bought back in November I have to disagree with the serial# including a Z here is a pic of mine SN visible.

They need to update the Pics on their website as it is still showing 2nd gen as new guns.

3rd Gen:
It has Heine8 dovetail sights
Millennium on one side and PT 145 Pro on the other
Front of the trigger guard is smooth

1: the barrel showing at the ejection port is black
2: no rail
3: the word PRO is not there
4: the sights are not dovetailed
5: the front of the trigger guard is stippled.
6: the profile of the sights is different


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+1 on 3rd Generation 145's not needing a Z in the first three letters of the serial #.

My 3rd generation 145 begins with NBT-----. I've read elsewhere in this forum that the 3rd Gen's all have either A or B (like mine) as the second letter in the serial #.

I recently had the chance to handle about two dozen 145's, 140's and 111's at a big gun show; all the 3rd Gen's had an A or B as the second letter. Handled several 2nd Gen's (140, 145, 111's) and one well-used 1st gen 111 as well; none of them had an A or B.

That used 1st Gen PT111 by the way felt a lot more concealable than the current 3rd Gen 111's. Flatter grip.
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