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mrglock said:
Ace, I have heard a few things about one company that makes them although I can't remember who they were. Reliability wasn't the issue; it was actually recoil. The lighter weight of the Glocks provide stiff recoil to some and the added weight of the stainless and/or the titanium platform helps with the recoil just as with any firearm. Let me know if you go for it. What caliber Glock do you have or are you thinking about purchasing?
There are two magazine articles I know of on this. One in American Handgunner 2007 Annual. One in the Sept 2007 Combat Handguns issue.

There are a number of improvements other than mere weight, ranging, loaded, from 36 to 54 ounces. Aluminum, stainless and titanium versions are available. A 1911 grip angle is available. And interchangable sizes of back strap inserts. Plus... I think all are aimed at competition shooting.

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