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I have owned a number of Glock pistols, my first being a Glock 19 which I kept for over 10 years. When the night sights started to fade I sold the gun and told myself that I didn't like it because of the no manual safety offered on a Glock.

Since then I tried owning a few more, but just didn't get the feeling for any of them. Until I picked up and purchased a Glock 32 which is basically your 23 but in a 357Sig round. It has had the trigger job done on it, I then added a Glock mag well, metal guide rod and spring, it has night sights, and is dead on accurate. It has given me not one problem other than eating a lot of ammo because it is so pleasant to shoot. I then ordered a couple of magazines and barrels for it. I can now shoot the intended 357Sig as well as .40s&w and 9mm out of the same Glock.

This experience with my last purchased Glock led me to purchase a Glock 27 over this last weekend on Gunbroker. It is a Gen3 NIB and I gave $455 for it. I have already ordered a 9mm barrel for it, some pinky extension base plates, and a Grip X mag spacer so I can use the 9mm and 40s&w mags from my other Glock and have a higher capacity magazine in hand.

Enjoy your Glock, they are not much to look at, but have an aftermarket for accessories almost as large as an AR or Ruger 10/22. Though I do have to admit that the looks are growing on me a little. And anytime I want the Glock to look better all I have to do is set it along side of my HiPoint .40
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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