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Glad to be here

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Hello to all you Taurus owners from Universal City, Texas! I started reading this forum a few days ago after looking for some info on some Taurus guns I own (PT1911 and 24/7 pro .40SW). There is a ton of good stuff in here and I decided to join.

I grew up in San Antonio, TX and have been here my entire life. I spent my summers on my gradparents farm in Palacios, TX where I learned to shoot and string barb wire fence. I am now a high school math teacher and football coach with a passion for shooting sports and brewing beer. I enjoy reloading too. My personal opinion is if you spend the time to reload your own ammo you will spend the time at the range to be a better shot. Who wants to work for hours to reload ammo and them waste it with poor technique at the range. I do a fair amount of gunsmith work too. Mainly minor stuff like trigger work and bedding for my rifles. I am the guy that my friends call to barrow gun specific tools like a boresite or 11 degree muzzle cutter or a torque wrench.

My wife enjoys shooting too. She just doesn't like all the fun stuff like cleaning and reloading. My daughter can't wait to get old enough to shoot (she's 4) because she says, "I love deer sausage daddy!" In the mean time I cool with that. She did see a pink stock single shot 22 rifle at the gun store with me the other day and I tought she was going to die and go to heaven because in her own words, "They make girl guns!" Can't wait to get her out there!

Thanks in advance for all the good info on this site. Rock on!
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Glad to have you here!!!

This is the only place that I know of on the internet where you can come and discuss, ask questions or yak about Taurus, without being laughed at, made fun of, or picked on for owning a "FINE" weapon like a Taurus.

My wife and youngest daughter want the same rifle, little pink 22cal. I know what it is about men and pink, but women and pink....?

Welcome to the forum Dakota R/T, good to have you with us. :)
Welcome from the sandbar. There's a lot of great info here. Check the Gallery, Taurus Autos. There's a PT22 with pink grips that the ladies will love. Or go to the Taurus web-site. Under the Small Frame autos (pgs 3+4) there are several shown.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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