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I ordered a spring kit for the Beretta 92fs from Mcarbo. While the Regard has a better trigger than stock 92's, it still needed some love. All the springs fit perfectly, I replaced:

recoil spring
hammer spring 16#
sear spring
trigger return spring
FP return spring
extractor spring

So basically completely stripped the pistol. Other than the locking block lugs and slide cutout for them, I can see no difference between the Regard and a 92. After the work my DA pull = 7.5lbs very smooth with a 3.5lb SA pull. The 3/16" reset was not affected. I ran 6 magazines of 124grn reloads with CCI primers, to see if any fail to ignite. I had no failures today. I picked up the spring kit while Mcarbo was having a 20% sale, so for $20 I got a upgrade kit.


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Congratulations on your hard work making a good Pistol, truly excellent! :cool: :smile:
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