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I shoot Lever Action Silhouette with my M92 (.454) and have been working on an ideal load for the 200 yard targets. At first I thought I should use a heavy cast bullet - I tried various 255gr and 300gr loads - Thinking a heavier bullet would be more accurate, but I still had rainbow trajectory. I was having some success with 230gr loads at 750fps, but still had to hold over the target to hit anything at 200 yards.

I buy my cast bullets locally and the shop owner suggested I try a 200gr LPF at 1000fps.

The shooters with .357s shoot the 180gr and knock down the rams all the time - So, what the heck, I tried the 200gr-ers.

I'm loading HP38 to a "near-max" pistol load to get 1000 fps, but I figure the .454-Rifle can take it. Recoil is nothing distracting and the rainbow is a lot flatter now.

Anyone else using a fast moving 200gr in Cowboy Silhouette?

The target is 50 yards - not 200!


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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