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I had already purchased and installed the Lakeline stainless recoil assembly. When I recently saw that they were available, I got the stainless striker guide and stainless striker spring retainer. While I was at it, I threw into the shopping cart their fiber optic front and rear sight kit.

First thing that impressed me was the speed of the shipping. At their standard rate, I had the order in three days. When I opened the packet, I immediately noted the quality of the items. Everything was bagged along with the respective instruction/installation sheets.

The guide and retainer took only about five minutes to install. Spent more time cleaning the innards of the gun than actual assembly. I don’t expect these part to do much to improve the performance of the weapon but they will certainly contribute to the life.

Installation of the fiber optic sights took significantly more time and care. As the instructions suggest, the front sight did require some delicate filing to seat in place. I think I am among the fortunate few to be able to install the rear sight into the dovetail with only the force of my thumb and a couple of light taps with a nylon hammer. No filing required.

For those interested, I went with two green dots in the rear and red in the front. At the suggestion of a couple of guys who did YouTube install videos, I trimmed the rear ends (facing my eye when sighting) of the fiber rods down to a 1/16 of an inch before melting them. This gave more fine dots. Experiment and see what might be best for you. I will say the factory sights were way to dim even in good light.

Now, I need to make a trip to the range and try out the new set up! However, before I go, I will need to clean up the bottle of gun solvent that leaked out in my cleaning box. What a mess.
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