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I read a couple people on here say that cleaning and reassembling the magazines were a pain due to the spring being attached to the metal base plate and they were having to bend the spring. This trick may have been covered before if so I apologize. But when you install the spring instead of trying to slide the metal base under the two lips at the same time from the front and fighting the spring just push it straight down and angle one side under one lip and continue pushing it in the magazine at a angle a flat screw driver will help but I can easily do it with just my fingers. Once you have it pushed down far enough at a sideways angle for both sides to be under both lips let it pop into place . Easy you can also disassemble it by turning the base at a sideways angle and push it down so one side clears the lips and then let it pop out. I find disassembly easier with a screw driver or even just a butter knife to get the base plate to turn sideways. I tried skidding it out the front the way everyone was talking about and yes that sucks. Hope this helps everyone and you don’t have to dread cleaning your mags.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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