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I know in the past some folks have posted they're were trying to find a Taurus 608. When I was researching them, there weren't many available anywhere.

Well, there's been a number of them for sale on Gunbroker.com recently, and most of them are stated new. I don't know if Taurus produced a new batch or what, but they more available now then in the last 6 to 9 months. Most are matte stainless in 6.5" or 8" barrels, but there's also a new blued (black) 4" barrel that's mighty fine looking!

I picked up a used MSS 608 4" off GB a few months ago and I am impressed with the quality, finish and smooth trigger pull!

Hope this helps someone!

Disclaimer: I know none of the sellers or the quality of their wares, just trying to help some folks on this forum spend some money!?! :tongue:
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