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Seems that Hornady's ammo people have something new out. In part anyway.
Hornady introduces the FTX ammo in 140gr .357 magnum and a .44magnum load with a 225 grain bullet.

This is in part a LEVERevolution moniker that Hornady rifle ammo is a part of.

The revolver loads have a polymer spitzer ball in the nose of each bullet.

These are for rifle and revolver use.

Bullet expansion range in velocity is from 850 fps. to 1900 fps.

Velocity of 1440 fps. fpr the .357 magnum round and 1410 fps for the .44 magnum round out of a 8 inch barrel.

Desert whitetail deer and hogs were shot with revolver cartridge rifles and revolvers. Some as far out as 100 yards or more.. Pigs and deer either dropped in their tracks or went no further than 10 yards when hit solidly. Expansion was good.
These FTX rounds have a 'flatter trajectory' compared to regular revolver slugs.

That's just the preliminaries folks.

Article is by Dick Williams in the April (yes it's to early for April, but that doesn't stop magazines from doing this :eek: ;D ) Shooting Illustrated from the NRA.

Magazine cost me a little over $12.00 for a years worth of 12 issues.
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