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FS- Yellos TCP Body, New Barrel, Springs, 3 Magazines turns you 738 into 732!

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I have the following NEW parts that will turn any TCP 738 (380) into a Yellow TCP 732 (32 ACP):

1 Yellow Body
1 732 Barrel
3 732 Magazines
No springs, sorry to misslead you folks. They only cost $3.00, see last post.

First $110 gets them. Shipped Priority Mail Lower 48 only.

B2 (;->

I'm selling because I've been out of work for 8 months and need the cash.

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Got any pics that you could post?
I will take some in the AM and post them by noon CDT tomorrow.

B2 (;->
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Auto part
Gun Yellow Trigger Plastic Water gun

Sorry, I couldn't find the springs, but there are three of them you need in total, listed in the picture below.

Let me know.

Bill Bingham


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