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Selling: One TRUGLO Universal Fat Bead front sight #TG948UR. The fiber dimension is .100". The body is machined steel.

This is right off my 709 AND is an affordable improvement over stock. It comes with the correct screw (the ones that ship with it are for shotgun applications) AND the 6 extra light pipes(cut as needed) in red and green - a special order from TRUGLO. Break a pipe and it's a 5 minute fix in the field with a heat source / lighter or match.

Upgrade your 709 / 740 front sight in minutes. I've been happy with it but will fess up to having sprung for a set of Advantage Tactical sights.

Sorted, ready to install and the extra pipes - $15 shipped to the greater 48 states.

Payment = PayPal or USPS Money Order.

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Post "I'll take it" and with PayPal I'll have it in the mail same day/next day. USPS Money Order works as well.
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