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From Santa Teresa, NM, USA

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I live just across the Texas/New Mexico state line from El Paso, Texas

I have a New Mexico CCW which is recognized in many states, such as
Texas (thankfully).

I am looking for a new firearm to replace a Walther PPK/S-1 made by S&W
that has caused me nothing but trouble. I found a PT140 that fit my hand
real well, but I have not been able to fire one yet. Besides which, I lean
toward .45acp.

I have been lurking here to see what I could learn about y'all and how
this forum is run before I ask questions.

I'm looking forward to communicating with everyone here very soon.
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Welcome to the forums. Was going to say read the FAQs,old, and new threads, but that has more than likely been done already. :)

The Southwest has a large number of members here as does the PT 1911 crowd. :D
Welcome from Missouri. Enjoy!
Welcome from The (Confederate Territory of Arizona) :thumb:
Jump in and have fun.... ;)
Welcome to the forum, we're glad to have you with us. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
Taurus makes a few guns in 45acp. The mil-pro are the smallest 45's and not any bigger the the pt140. The 24/7 comes in compact and standard sizes. The Compact 24/7 is only a little longer than the mil-pro. Hope you find one you like, there's a lot to like about these guns. ;)
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