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Former congressional candidate and gun control advocate charged with murder

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Sometimes real news is as crazy as the made up stuff
I guess when she thought people should be restricted she was thinking about an example :rolleyes:

She ran on responsible gun regulation, now she's accused of killing her campaign treasurer
Kellie Collins, of Thomason, turned herself into the McDuffie County Sheriff’s Office just as authorities in Aiken County, South Carolina found the body of Curtis Cain, Collins’ former campaign treasurer.

Investigators said Cain did not show up for work on Tuesday, so deputies went to his home to check on him. That’s when they found him dead from an apparent gunshot wound.
In 2017, Collins ran as a Democrat against incumbent Rep. Jody Hice, a Republican, for Georgia’s 10th District. She ultimately dropped out of the race, citing personal reasons.

During the race, she touted her support for responsible gun regulation to protect the community.
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Don't think it would have protected her campaign treasurer against her. Only a responsible gun owner could have done that and apparently she isn't one of those.
Damn and she was just starting to turn her life around too!
this was on the news a few weeks back and then dropped out of sight like a brick.
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The gun did it!!!! Ya see, if she didn't have the gun, this never would have happened. The gun MADE HER DO IT. Evil guns, we should get rid of all of them, except for the police, the military and the government. How could that go wrong? In all of recorded history, there has never been a government that did evil things against an unarmed populace, except for in the 20th Century, Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Cambodia, Rwanda, ....right??? right???
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