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Forgot how slow it was

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Some time back about 10 years ago I bought a Dillon Square Deal progressive in 9mm. At the time, I was shooting a lot of 9mm and shooting the gun in IDPA. About a year ago, I decided to start loading .45ACP and especially .38/.357 mag (shoot a lot of that) on a progressive, but the Square Deal is not very caliber switchable. Oh, you can do it, but switching is a pain. I don't sit down and load a thousand rounds at a time, prefer to knock out a couple boxes now and then, so I wanted quick caliber changes and, to this end, I scored a Lee Pro 1000 off ebay for forty bucks set up for .38/.357 and scored another turret and shell plate carrier in .45ACP for it. This thing is a little problematic with small pistol primers, but I've gotten the routine down pretty well now and can crank out a box easily, and checking powder and such, in about 15 minutes. I could go faster, but I check every powder charge with an inspection mirror and don't have the case feeder attachment.

Well, I cranked out several boxes yesterday and cast some bullets last night, decided to crank out some .45 Colt today. I don't shoot that as much as the other calibers, so am not set up on the progressive yet for it. I have to do it on my old Lyman turret press the old fashioned way. WOW, I'd forgotten just how slow it is. It takes nearly an hour to knock out a box of ammo. If I set up for 100 rounds I could probably do it in a little over an hour. Cripes! I'm spoiled with the progressives now. LOL! I guess I should set the Lee up for .45 Colt in the future. Then, I'll have everything, but .380 set up on progressives. I don't shoot much .380 at all, so I'll pass on that one anyway.
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My custom setup Dillon XL650 and I feel your pain!

I don't have all of the Caliber Setups for my Dillon XL650 that I use, just the ones I consume the most. Some Calibers I'm still loading the old slow way, such as 7x57mm Mauser. For that and some others, I'm using my old Lyman T-Mag Turret Press and Redding Powder Measure.

Before the Dillon, I had a Lee Loadmaster I spent more time fixing than loading on. The priming mechanism drove me nuts! If it wasn't that it was something else! I still like Lee Dies and use their Lee Auto-Disk Powder Measure on my Dillon XL650.

An IPSC Shooting Buddy of mine has 3 Square Deals setup for 3 different Calibers and leaves them setup that way, but loads nothing else.
One thing I bought that works fantastic for weighing charges is a digital scale. These things are getting really affordable now. I retired my old Redding scale for this thing. I bought it off ebay for a little over twenty bucks and it weighs to a tenth grain. I have a Lee perfect powder measure, but it's out in the shop and I don't load out there much anymore, move it into the AC with my portable bench. But, the electronic scale speeds up adjustments to that tool, also.

I use a double disc and the auto disc measure for .308 charging, quick and accurate with Winchester ball powder. I think for .257 Roberts, 7mm rem mag, and .30-30 I'll just weigh all charges from now on. I never load more'n 20 at a time except for .30-30. Or, I might set up the powder measure for .30-30 since I have a hundred rounds of cases or so for it. I don't shoot a lot of centerfire rifle and when I do, it's usually one of my SKSs with wolf or something ammo. I shoot a lot of rimfire for practice, .22 LR and mag.

There are several brands of those scales on ebay. I was recommended mine by a guy that had tried several and liked it the best. Brand name on it is "NEVA" I found a vendor on ebay selling 'em and this was the "buy it now" price. I was sorta shocked when I got it that the quality was so good. Neat little tool.
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