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For all you Hydra Shok fans out there . . .

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Just when I converted from Hydra Shoks fully to the HST line, Federal Premium has released a “New” Hydra Shok Line . . .:


The spent slug retains a pointed ogive front.
Doubt I’ll swap over at first as I generally wait 6 months or so for a new product to generate feedback . . . . well, on some products at least.


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yea, I saw the write up on the NEW Hydra--.
Reminds me quiet a bit of my Fiocchi Extreme Mono Block expanding ammo .
I forget the exact guy that invented the EMB but as I understand it the Hydra shok was cloned after his ammo.
basically its a hydra shok but with a much larger center tip than the original one, expansion looks very similar.
although the Fiocchi EMB is all copper and 92 grains, supposedly has about 1400 FPS out of a 4 inch barrel and only comes in 9 MM.
I got several expanded projectiles but haven't got a picture of them but they are similar to your pics.


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Dang, I carry HST's in my 709 'cause it likes em so much. If I see these, ya'll will get a range report pronto. I'm a fan of the HST's and would welcome another improvement.
Been carrying the 9mm 135 grain HydraShok PD load for some time in my PT709 and late production PT111 G1. Will probably have to pick up some of the new version later on down the road. In my mid-size 9mm's, I've been carrying the 124 grain HydraShoks and will probably see if they have a new version of that one, too.
My follow up on this announcement is to see if they try to subcategorize it further. With the HST line once it had permeated the market they released a “Micro” version of the HSTs specifically targeted at Compact and subcompact handguns - especially short barreled pistols.
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