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Just wanted to start by thanking everyone that posts on this site. I went to every gun shop within a 200 mile radius looking for a CCW and found all the information I needed to make my decision on this site. Thanks again.

Now to the subject. I am slightly far sighted and only use cheaters for close range reading or work (within 3 feet.) Unfortunately my arms are not long enough and I have to use the cheaters to get clear focus on the Heinie sights on my PT145. I don't use my glasses while driviing or any other activities and do not want to be in a situation that I have to find my cheaters and put them on before pulling the trigger. I was wondering if anyone else has this probelm and if a set of optic sights would help?
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Find a class on "point shooting"

Really, I don't use my sights at less than 21 feet.
Thanks, will check it out.
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