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Sorry everyone I've been absent quite a bit lately, work has had me really tied up.. busier this time of year than I have ever been at work... guess that's a good thing.

I did pick up a couple of new pistols I'd like to share:

First up is a FNH FNP40 "Carry" it's a FNP with a bobbed hammer and factory trijicon night sights. This is a wonderful pistol and is superbly accurate and smooth as it gets. Ran 100 rounds of HPs through it today without a single hitch.. if you aren't familiar with FNH pistols... this is a sleeper! Good carry gun...

I also bought a unique pistol that I had only heard of... the Beretta PX4 Storm in .45acp!!!! Gawd's caliber. These pistols have a stellar reputation, but I had never seen one in .45acp. I happened to be in my LGS today when they were receiving a shipment and this had to go home with me. I ran 100 rounds of HPs though this pistol as well... OMG.. this is probably going to be my favorite .45acp pistol that I own, even above my 1911s... this gun is fantastic, smooth and as accurate as they come....

Sorry I've been away for so long.. but here's a few gun porn pics of each to satisfy the craving.... I highly recommend both pistols:

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