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Another in the fine FNH family of firearms that has been buried deep in the bowels of my little security locker.

This is a great example of FNH reliability of functionality equating to accuracy in the palm of your hand...what more could you ask for in the way of personal protection This comes with all the OEM paperwork as it did when new. It also has the manual side safety, along with 3 magazines, and 2 backstraps so you can find that just right fit for your grip. The balance of the FNS-40 helps to ease that recoil snap that so many people tend to talk about with shooting the 40SW round of ammunition.

You may notice that the magazines look to be some what off colored with finger prints, that is because they are oiled and have my finger prints on them as a result of being pulled out for photos.

As a testament to how much I like this pistol in the 40SW round, I have another that I am keeping for myself. The two of them are exactly alike, so basics being is that I am simple selling a duplicate firearm. Another nice feature is that there are conversion barrels available in the aftermarket to convert this to fire the 357SIG round of ammunition. Now they are not easy to come by, but they are out there. I know this because I have one and keeping it with the FNS-40 that I am keeping.

Prefer to do a Face2Face transaction, but if shipping is of interest to you I will see what it would cost. Of course all shipping and transfer cost would be due on the buyers end.

If purchased F2F, you must be a resident of the state of Texas with proof of such. You must be able to own, possess, and purchase a firearm legally and a minimum age of 21. I am located near Waxahachie/Midlothian/Red Oak TX.

Any questions, please just ask and I will get back with the answers asap.

Price: $375

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